Introducing the Send It Defender 15 Hydration Backpack

send it defender 15 hydration backpack

Having the right gear makes all the difference. Whether you're hucking down mountain trails, throwing powder in the backcountry, or embarking on a long hike, the Send It Defender 15 Hydration Backpack is designed to be your ultimate companion. Packed with unique features and built for durability, this hydration pack stands out from every other bag in your collection. Read more to learn what makes the Defender 15 Hydration Backpack an essential piece of gear for mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, and motocross riders.

Superior Capacity and Design

One of the standout features of the Defender 15 Hydration Backpack is its generous 15-liter capacity. This allows you to carry all the essentials needed for your adventure, from snacks and tools to extra clothing and first aid supplies. The backpack is strategically designed with multiple pockets and attachment straps, ensuring that everything has its place and is easily accessible. For those who like to stay organized on the go, this backpack’s design is a game-changer.

send it hydration defender hydration


Safety, Convenience and Hydration Bladder Compatibility

Staying hydrated is crucial during any outdoor activity, and the Defender 15 makes it effortless because it includes a 2-liter hydration bladder (with 3-liter hydration bladder compatibility.) This feature allows you to carry plenty of water without the need for bulky bottles, keeping you light and agile on your feet. The hydration bladder is easy to fill and clean (simply flip it inside out and toss it in the dishwasher, making it a convenient choice for any adventure. Plus, the removable spine protector adds an extra layer of safety, giving you peace of mind while you push your limits on the trail.

send it defender hydration backpack

Adjustable Fit for Maximum Comfort

Comfort is key when it comes to outdoor gear, and the Defender 15 doesn’t disappoint. The adjustable fit, adjustable padded shoulder straps, and back protective shell ensure that the backpack fits snugly and comfortably, regardless of your body type or the intensity of your activity. The custom Send It harness system and waist support belt further enhance the fit, providing a no-bounce experience that’s essential for high-impact activities like mountain biking and motocross. This means you can focus on the trail ahead without being distracted by an uncomfortable or shifting pack.

Built for Durability and Year-Round Use

Outdoor adventures can be tough on gear, which is why the Defender 15 Hydration Backpack is built to last. The durable materials and robust construction ensure that this backpack can withstand the elements and the rigors of frequent use. Whether you’re navigating rocky terrain while hiking, braving the elements while in the backcountry, or hitting the slopes, the Defender 15 is designed to endure. Its year-round usability makes it a versatile addition to your gear collection, providing reliable performance in all seasons.

Organized and Accessible Storage

The Defender 15 Hydration Backpack excels in keeping your gear organized and accessible. The multiple pockets allow you to separate and secure your items, preventing the frustration of rummaging through a single compartment. The magnetic side carry system is a particularly innovative feature, enabling quick and easy access to your essentials without having to remove the backpack. This is especially useful for mountain bikers and hikers who need to grab snacks, tools, or maps on the go.

Perfect for Any Adventure

Whether you’re a mountain biker, hiker, backpacker, or motocross rider, the Defender 15 Hydration Backpack is designed to meet your needs. Its versatile design and comprehensive features make it suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. The no-bounce fit is ideal for high-impact sports, while the hydration bladder compatibility and organized storage make it a practical choice for long hikes and daypacking trips. The removable spine protector and adjustable fit ensure safety and comfort, making the Defender 15 a reliable companion for any adventure.

Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

At Send It, we stand by the quality of our products, which is why the Defender 15 Hydration Backpack comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We believe in creating gear that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our customers. Should you encounter any issues with your backpack, our dedicated customer service team is ready to assist you, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase.

The Send It Defender 15 Hydration Backpack is more than just a backpack; it’s a comprehensive solution for outdoor enthusiasts who demand the best from their gear. With its superior capacity, hydration bladder compatibility, adjustable fit, and durable construction, the Defender 15 is designed to enhance your outdoor experience, whether you’re mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, or riding motocross. Stay organized, stay comfortable, and stay hydrated with the ultimate outdoor companion – the Defender 15 Hydration Backpack.

Equip yourself with the Defender 15 and elevate your adventures to the next level. Visit our website to learn more and make your purchase today. Happy trails!