About Us

Send It means go for it. You don’t need a stamp of approval. You don’t need permission from anyone. You don’t even need to know how to do it, whatever it happens to be.

Send It started out as a saying with a group of friends in Boulder, Colorado. We would go to parties, and send it. We would go to the mountains, and send it. We'd send it at work (not nearly as hard).

So we took this idea, "Send It," and put it on some shirts. We wore those shirts, and people started asking for some of their own. So we made some more, and quickly sold out of them. You could say when it comes to t-shirts, we send it, through the mail.

Send It apparel is for the risk-takers. For the snowboarders, skiers, mountain bikers, dirt bikers, and snowmobilers who shoot for the moon.

We're here to make sure you send it with style.

Est. 2011 // Boulder, CO #sendit