What Drives You, Drives Us.

What Drives You, Drives Us.

Send It believes that your gear should be as strong as your drive to achieve your goal. This singular idea guides the durability and functionality of every product we design. We have your back every time you Send It.

At Send It, we step to the edge of a cliff, peer over the horizon, and envision the experience of jumping off. As a collective of athletes, enthusiasts, designers, we design and create technical apparel and gear that never gets in the way of achieving our goal: to always send it.

We’ve broken feet and ankles snowmobiling Rabbit Ears pass, ripped out our hips mountain biking in Winter Park, crushed rib cages snowboarding in Jackson Hole, and broken arms riding the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We’ve painted mountains, trails and roads with our blood, and earned enough stitches to hold together even our most durable duffels. (Also, a big thanks to our helmets for making sure we can still think clearly enough to create this stuff.)

Gear has always been an issue for us, and it’s not due to a lack of testing. It’s just that now we’ve put ourselves in a place to say, “This is how we want our apparel to look, feel and function.”

Send It products meet our standard of excellence. From a technical perspective, our materials, durability, and feel are the best we’ve ever used and worn.

We're excited that you've decided to the join the Send It team.