Winter Bike to Work Day 2024

woman biking to work on bike to work day

It may be dipping into the low temperatures, but that doesn't stop the good residents of Colorado  (and everyone else all over the world apparently) from jumping on their bikes and heading into work. Could be rain. Could be snow. Could be both. Could be neither. Either way, we're ready to ride bikes no matter what.

Winter Bike to Work Day is officially on February 9. Just plain ol' regular Bike to Work Day when the weather is presumably much, much better is June 26 this year. 

Once again, a little bit of weather won't stop us. 

Here's what Colorado DOT has to say about the event:

Mark your calendars for post-holiday fun! Join Way to Go for Winter Bike to Work Day on Friday, Feb. 9, 2024, and put your car on ice. Be part of the celebration by swapping your car-ride for a ride on two wheels, whether you’re riding to the office, running errands or spending time with friends.

Join cyclists across Colorado - and around the world - for the 2024 Winter Bike to Work Day! One of the great things about Colorado is that you can bicycle all year round. Now’s your chance to try a winter ride! Be sure to do a safety check before you ride, wear a helmet, and always follow the rules of the road. Be active, have some fun, and be safe. Happy biking!

Winter Bike to Work Day is an annual tradition for seasoned cyclists and encourages them to brave the elements and ride to work on their bikes. Bike to Work Day is a semi-annual event (hosted in Winter and Summer) organized by Way to Go, a program of the Denver Regional Council of Governments, in partnership with seven regional transportation management associations. Each Bike to Work Day, we encourage commuters in the Denver region to bike to work, helping them save money on their commutes, improve their health and lower stress levels — all while reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality.

If you plan to ride or want to host a station, sign up at! 

  • Inclement Weather – No problem, try another day. Since we aren't serving breakfast, it's less of a big deal for people to ride on another day. Our objective is to get people realizing that just because it's winter, it doesn't mean they have to abandon their bikes.
  • Schedule Conflicts - Picking another day also works for people who may want to ride, but have a conflict. Getting them to ride on another day is just as good.
  • Gear – Bicycle gear needs to be reflective and bicycles need headlights, due to the limited daylight. In addition, you need to dress for the temperature and moisture.
  • Check Road/Trail and Weather Conditions – Winter days can bounce between 57 and -5 below, plus they can change drastically between the morning and afternoon. So prepare and check the weather and road conditions before you head out for the morning commute.