How To Install a Tailgate Pad on Your Truck or Vehicle

The Send It High Roller Tailgate pad is simple and easy to install on your fullsize or midsize truck.

Step 1: Let your tailgate down on your truck and place the inside panel of the High Roller tailgate pad across the inside panel of your tailgate. The accordion style padding should be hanging on and over the tailgate.

Step 2: Feed the straps through the opening between the tailgate and the bumper. Ensure the straps are extended fully from the tightened position you may have received them in.

Step 3: Close your tailgate.

Step 4: Connect looped strap-ends to the G-hook on the outside panel of the high roller tailgate pad.

Step 5: Ensure accordion style padding sits comfortably and correctly along the top of the tailgate. Newer trucks may have a deeper tailgate (perhaps due to including a back-up camera inside) but the High Roller tailgate pad should fit nicely.

Step 6: Pull straps tight on the inside of the tailgate pad.

Step 7: Place up to six (fullsize trucks) or five (midsize) bikes inside your truck.

Step 8: Send it.

Step 9: Send us a photo or video so we can share with our followers.

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