How to Partner with Send It

If you are visiting this page, we assume you already follow Send It, and understand the precise nature of what we're all about. (You can also just skip to the bottom and hit that email if you'd like to skip all the hullabaloo.)

Just like the mountain biking community, Send It is all about bringing people together. We love making friends, connecting with people, and welcoming everyone into our community. We have developed a simple partnership program designed to connect even more people. Read below to learn more about how to partner with Send It, and how to get one (or more) of our industry leading tailgate pads onto your race transport and shuttle vehicles this season.

What we're looking for

Send It is interested in partnering with a range of organizations, community groups, local and national athletes, and events all over the country. You can find many of those events on our calendar, but we're always looking for more.

Why You Should Partner With Send It

We know we create the best products on the market. We know this because we have rigourously tested each one to ensure it's durability and functionality. We were tired of blowing through more and more pieces of gear. We think there are some people out there who might agree with you. If that's you, then you should partner with Send It.

Who You Are

A mountain bike tour guide (like our friends at ChasingEpic); a bicycle-centric community or school program (like our friends at Wheel Fun); a high school or university MTB team/club (like our friends at University of Colorado Boulder); an athlete or journalist (like our friends at PinkBike)
If you fit into any of these criteria - and we realize that this is a wide scope (that's by design) - we'd love to chat with you. 

Send an email to including your name, phone number, and any social media handles you think might be of interest. We personally handwrite a note to each one of our clients, so you can be sure that we'll respond to you quickly.