Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Head Edition

 send it sticker on a bike helmet

    It's easy to understand why mountain biking has increased in popularity in recent years: The entire world was forced to hang out indoors for a few months and desperately needed respite. Bike companies thrived because of increased demand, but subsequently began tanking because of decreased demand after the pandemic. That part hurts us to write, but it's true. 

    However, we love that more people than ever are riding bikes. Being based in Boulder, Colorado means that we are pretty much surrounded by world class cycling at all levels; a quick trip up Flagstaff during the summer and you'll probably see some future Olympians grinding it out; park at the trailhead of Indiana Jones in Lefthand Canyon and you might find that it's a bit busy when it's open. This is the reality we face. At Send It, we love it. We want to more people on bikes all the time. We also want everyone to learn the rules of the road and the trail, come back in one piece, and have a blast doing it. Here are some tips that we keep at the forefront of our minds everytime we throw our bikes on the High Roller and hit the road in search of adventure.


    Helmets are a non-negotiable for us. We've had too many broken bones, too many broken helmets, and really too many concussions from both to ever be able to justify not wearing one. If you choose not to, that's your decision. We aren't going to shame anyone for not doing it, but we don't really understand it, especially since helmets have come a long way both in comfort and style. With that said, here are a handful of helmets we'd suggest, both from personal experience and recommendations from friends. 

    1. Sweet Protection Bushwacker 2Vi MIPS Helmet - $250.00

    "I have no idea why I like this helmet, but I do. The visor is easy to adjust. The quick adjust knob for dialing in the fitment on your head... the ol' skull." This is why Send It founder Cole Kramer wears the Bushwacker. Outside of that wildly precise description, Sweet Protection helmets are comfortable, capable of taking a serious slam, and come in a host of colors. MIPS is pretty important, too, ya know, it's for helmets what seatbealts did for cars. More protection is always good. 

    2. Kask Rex - $245.00

    Kask is an Italian company that seems like it prioritized comfort first and foremost. Helmets come down to your headshape, no doubt, but when we put on the Kask Rex it's almost as the helmet was made specifically for us. Again, it's all preferential. What we love about the Kask Rex, though, is the airflow through its 20 vents and added pads in some of those hard to reach places that we often forget about (like on the little cage piece that sits at the back of your skull that supports the interior support system? You know what I'm talking about.)

    3. GIRO Coalition Full Face - $325.00

    The Giro Coalition Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet is the ultimate blend of safety and style for downhill and enduro riders. It has cutting-edge design, provides comprehensive protection and ensures optimal airflow to keep cool during descents. The Giro Coalition is the go-to choice for riders seeking top-tier performance and protection on the trails.

    4. Lazer Jackal Kineticore - $219.99

    The Jackal Kineticore is a revolutionary mountain biking helmet designed for performance and protection. Its Kineticore technology combines advanced EPS foam with strategically placed Koroyd to maximize impact resistance and ventilation. Lazer been making helmets practically since heads have needed protection, so you know this one is going to keep your brain crispy.

    5. Troy Lee Designs A3 Helmet - $249.99

    We'll let the writers at TLD outline this one, since we couldn't have said it better: "Head of the class, A3 leaves nothing to chance by setting the modern standard in protection and fit as demanded by TLD athletes. Equipped with MIPS protection, the co-molded EPP/EPS design features sixteen vents to optimize airflow making for a helmet that is so comfortable it practically disappears on your head."