Our Favorite Mountain Bike Accounts

girl and guy sitting on a mountain trail with a mountai bike watching mountain biking influencers

We're ashamed to admit it, but we, too, often find ourselves six clicks deep in the internet. 874 thumb scrolls deep on Instagram. Or just face-deep in our phones watching the top mountain bike influencers do what they do best. It happens to the best of us. The plus side of this, though, is that we consume insane amounts of mountain biking content, races, slams, and sends. And everything else in between. That part we are not ashamed of.

The Send It social media channels are being built and maintained as I write this. We have a dope social media manager, Chandler Kim, who not only curates and creates content for us, but she also keeps us up to speed on trends, topics, best practices for our personal photos and videos, and who is crushing the game right now on social media. This is why we wanted to put together a list of top mountain biking influencers, that is, people who we are following, engaging with, and generally liking every single thing they post. It's sick. Seeing so many rad people creating so much kick ass content gets us hyped to get out of the office and on the trail. 

With that said, here's a few of the people we're following on the regular, and some others that we're generally just stoked to watch. We'll be updating this list as we see fit, so if you'd like to be included send us your page in a DM @Send_It or info@senditco.com.

Mountain Bike Influencers


1. Berm Peak is crushing it. It's run by Seth Alvo and is a rad documentation of him turning his backyard into a mountain bike downhill park. We don't know this guy personally, but we love that his YouTube channel is basically a full schedule of TV programming made in-house. There's bike and product reviews, restorations and transformations, tips and tricks, cheap upgrades, trail building... you name it, Seth creates it. Dope channel, and one we highly recommend checking out.


2. Yoann Barelli spells it out pretty clearly in his Instagram profile: "My job is to make gnarly stuff look easy, and to make it accessible for you." While he definitely makes the gnarly stuff look easy (and seems to have a lot of fun doing it given the laughs you hear through every video) we aren't quite sure how necessarily accessible it is for us. Sure, Kramer might throw himself down some of the hits from Yoann's Tour de Gnars, but the other one of us in the warehouse will just have to capture photos. Anyway, check him out. 


3. Hard to make this list without including PinkBike, the proverbial Wikipedia of all things mountain biking. Whether it's the brand's insane SEO, or its 2021 acquisition by Outsidem Magazine, PinkBike went from legendary to unforgettable in the last few years. Some complain about things like and how brands end up corporate, but we support brands, especially publications, growing in every way. Sort of like a rising tide. PinkBike posts the creme-de-la-creme riders, gear and content, so naturally they made this list. Also, the PinkBike Racing Series might be our best hope at getting a Netflix-style series streaming to the world.


4. Remy Metailler sends it. No questions about it. If we were going to pick someone we want to try and send it with, Remy might be that person. (But let's be clear, we want to send it with you, no matter who you are or where you are.) What we love about his page, though, is that it's the perfect combination of photos and videos, inspiration and motivation, and humor. He makes mountain biking look fun, and we love that. 


5. The SingleTrackSampler makes mountain biking just look fun. Like, how can we get the kind of life where we just ride bikes and laugh all day long. He makes it a reality. It's fun being able to tag along on his adventures, as well as see some fun behind the scenes of an adventurer.


6. IFHT Films are the masterminds behind MahaloMyDude, a hilarious Instagram page filled with parody, memes, sick rides and good vibes. There's a cornucopia (yea, I said cornucopia, which is just a horn of plenty if you recall kindergarten teachers hammering that point home) videos that make you laugh at how ridiculous you are being a mountain biker. Yes, you dress funny compared to people who don't understand mountain biking. But also, yes, you look cooler than people who ride road bikes. There are just some simple truths of life, and MahaloMyDude calls them all out. 


7. Danny MaCaskill, or as well call him, Mr. McMadSkills, is one of those rare mountain bike influencers who captures an audience far beyond the core enthusiasts. Hell, my mom sent me a Danny MaCaskill video talking about how cool it was. (She also asked me if it was real, so that's sort of cool.) The way he's been able to bring eyeballs to the sport is beyond impressive, I mean, he just did a Redbull promo with F1 so, clearly the culture is catching on. 


8. The Loam Wolf is a good reminder that although we may get old and crotchety, we can still be cool as hell and ride just as hard as young guns. And while that may come off as a jab to the dudes at Loam Wolf, we do not think they are old and crotchety. Shit, if anything, they are ripping harder than ever. However, the Wolf Pack that it continues to grow is ravenous and loyal. We respect that, and love following their content. 


9. The Athertons send it. Period. See for yourself. I won't even waste more words talking about them. Maybe a few more. Watching them ride is like listening to Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell" for the first time. Hooked immediately. Have at it.


10. We learned about BKXC from our friends over at Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventure, and once we did we didn't look back. There's a whole load of videos to scroll through, whether you're into POV trail recaps, dig and builds, or just personality content following Brian, BKXC's host and founder, and his journeys around the country in his van.