Why Send It Offers Lifetime Warranty on Tailgate Pads

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Listen, we understand that lifetime warranty has been overused. But let us be perfectly clear here: We believe in our products so strongly that we stand by them for our lifetime. Period.

But there's more than just meets the eye when it comes to our lifetime warranty.

One of the taglines we've thrown around is "we believe that your gear should be as strong as your drive." For us, that means it has to be incredibly strong. Our drive over the years has climbed and increased as we've progressed through various sports, and levels of those sports. 

Let's start out with bikes. Britt Chester (disclaimer: I am the author of this article, but for posterity let's just refer to myself in the third person) started mountain biking in 2nd grade growing up in New Hampshire. His first bike was a Specialized Rockhopper with some early Rockshox. It was a great learning bike. 

On the first day of a summer vacation to Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, he was riding down a relatively easy trail and hit a few bumps. This, combined with the speed, caused him to go head over the bars and land directly on both arms. Snap. Both arms broken. While a tailgate pad wouldn't have saved his arms, it's a funny story about mountain biking. 

I digress.

Cole Kramer, founder of Send It, ripped his hip out of the socket and broke his femur, pelvis and separated his shoulder in 2022. In between Britt breaking his arms, and Cole breaking his everything-below-the-waist, there were a lot of more accidents. 

All this is to say that we here at Send It know what it's like to break stuff. And, throughout all of this, we've been through a lot of bikes, gear, gloves, helmets, sunglasses and everything else you could think of needing for getting out and sending it. 

This is what drives us. The idea that we are indestructible and our gear should be the same way. This is why we promised that with nearly every product, we'll replace it if it breaks. While we can't replace it if you put, let's say, our gloves in a blender and chop them up then claim defect. Yea, we won't replace those.

However, if you're out on the trail day in and day out, or even just a few times per year, and you find degradation of the materials, or the seams are tearing apart, or there is just crappy craftsmanship, yea, we'll replace those. No questions. (Disclaimer here: We would like you to either send us the defective product, or at least send us a photo so we can shame ourselves and promote your send on our social media channels.)

So, long story short: We think your gear should be as strong as your drive. That's why we offer lifetime warranty on our High Roller tailgate pad, and why we'll gladly replace your products if they just disintegrate. 

Send it.