7 New Years Resolutions for Mountain Bikers and Cyclists

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It's that time of the year when everyone starts coming up with hair-brained ideas about how they are going to "absolutely crush it in the new year." We've all done it. Some of us have succeeded at those goals. Some of us have failed. Either way, it's about setting goals and working to achieve those goals.  We've spoken with some people and compiled some if their resolutions, and also included a few of our own. 

1. Learn the name of every component on a bike

This one is pretty simple, which can be very beneficial for a new year's resolution. Especially for someone who just likes checking things off a list. There are plenty of videos out there of people assembling and disassembling their bikes, and while publishing this post, we managed to come across this helpful post thanks to our friends at Jans in Park City. Welp, that was easy. Although it's not every single part, it's a start. First resolution, complete!


2. Attend at least 6 Mountain Bike and Cycling Events

Yet again, we are making this resolution list pretty simple. However, here are seven events that we are either sponsoring or plan on attending (racing, vending, or just crushing coldies with the guys and gals). All of these are in 2024, so we'll do you the courtesty of leaving the year off the dates. 

  1. The Sportsmen's Expo - Denver, CO - 1/11-1/14: Lots of hunting and knives, and outfitters and fishing stuff. These are our people. Find us here with Send It gear on.
  2. Old Man Winter Rally - Lyons, CO - 2/4: Who doesn't want to run 10k in the snow, or bike 100k (potentially) in a snowstorm? Sounds like a good time to us. 
  3. Sedona MTB Festival - Sedona, AZ - 3/8-3/10: Three full days of ripping and roaring. Stoked on this one. Great trails and great people. 
  4. Fruita Fat Tire Festival - Fruita, CO - 5/3-5/5: Love this one since it's right in our backyard. Celebrate bikes, gear and trails. 
  5. Chasing Epic Sea to Sky BC - Whistler, BC - 6/1-6/6: Have you heard of these guys? Insane trips with diehard riders. The guides for these are world class. 
  6. AMBC Fall Fest - Knoxville, TN - 11/3-11/5We hit this last year and it was a blast. 10/10 think you should join us this year.
  7. Outerbike - Crested Butte, CO - 8/16-8/18: The first of three - check out our calendar for the other two dates! This is a don't miss event! 

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 3. Download App of Choice and Track PRs

Listen, we're not getting paid by Strava to promote it, but we've been using this app for a long time and think it helps with tracking. There are plenty of other apps out there - Whoop,Garmin, MyFitnessPal, to name a few - so whichever one you are using just make sure you follow us and share the sends with us. 


4. Clean Up Your Favorite Trail

This one seems like a no-brainer so, instead maybe just pick a couple days that you'll designate to getting out on your favorite mountain bike or hiking trail and do some clean up. Be intentional about going out just to do some light mitigation. This goes a long way. There's always somebody who accidentally drops a goo, or a piece of package from a snack, and no one wants to see that. Depending on the trail you pick, this might only take about an hour. That's an easy hour of your time that goes a long way in making sure you'll be able to enjoy this kick ass sport for many years to come. Go ahead. Pick a day. We'll wait. (If you're feeling extra badass, send us pics to @send_it on Instagram, or email me Britt@senditco.com with some pics and your trailhead. If you do this, I'll send you some cool gear as a thank you for your service.


5. Outfit Yourself With the Best Gear

While mountain biking can get a little expensive depending on your entry into the sport, it's good to have the best gear possible on your back and under your feet. When it comes to getting there, too, we think we have a pretty good idea of what kind of tailgate pad you want to have strapped to the back of your truck. When it comes to bikes, we can make some recommendations, but we also think that as long as it has two pedals and two wheels and can take you up and down the mountain, it's good enough. Sure, can you always get stronger, lighter, faster and whatever other adjective you want to use to describe your bike, but at the end of the day it's about having fun with your friends and being healthy while you do it.

6. Get Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband or Child into Biking

Short and sweet one right here, also pretty easy. (If you're single, just go grab someone and get them into biking.) If you're significant other isn't already right in front of or right behind you on the trail, it's time to get them out there and rip it up. Why? Because although it's fun to ride by yourself sometimes, it's even better when your number one cheerleader is with you. Bonus points if you have kids and get them out there, as well. Because, seriously, what kid does not like riding bikes?

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7. Take Your Skills to Another Type of Bicycle

We love mountain biking. That should be pretty obvious at this point. But we also ride stationary bikes, dirt bikes, road bikes and occasionally one of those kickass QuietKat bikes we've been seeing all over the place. One of our resolutions, though, is to push ourselves to try more of other types of cycling. Really it's just about enjoying a sport we already love in new ways, but it's also about finding that great community in other areas of cycling. How are we going to do this? Attending events is one way, whether is road races or local meetups at the bike park. We'll also be htting some of the big trade shows, most notably The Big Gear Show and (r)Evolution event in Denver, Colorado. 


Got another resolution we should check out? Let us.


We get you. We got you.

-Send it