Why Install a Tailgate Pad on your Truck

image of a mountain bike downtube with damage from not using a tailgate pad on the transportation

Chances are if you bought a truck in the last 20 years, you didn't do so because it was in style. You bought it to to do work. Or haul work. Or load work. Point being: You bought a truck because casual cars or SUVs just aren't capable of handling your needs. 

And those needs are constantly changing. On a Monday, you might be hauling a truckload of wood to the job site; moving loads of PVC fittings on a Tuesday; taking trash out on a Wednesday; Thursday it's sitting parked; and Friday you're loading up for the weekend. 

Again, there are a lot of reasons to own a fullsize or midsize truck, and it's personal for everyone. For us, it's about loading up our mountain bikes and truckin' out to the trail or bikepark. 

Over the years, we've been through a lot of tailgate pads. And that's not a good thing. After tearing through them, though, we realized that you should only need to buy one tailgate pad, ever. So we designed the High Roller tailgate pad.

1. Protecting Your Bike

We're not sure how much you spent on your mountain bike, ebike, road bike, or other two-wheel commuter that you're looking to transport, but we're pretty sure it's not cheap. In today's market, mountain bikes can reach prices upwards of $10,000, with e-bikes being offered in the same price range. Yes, there are cheaper options. We know this. However, we know that monetary value doesn't even begin to compare to intrinsic value. Your bike should not get damaged when you're not riding it. A tailgate pad on your truck protects the downtube of your bike from scratch, dents and dings that erode the overall integrity of the bike. 

2. Protecting Your Truck

We know how much trucks cost because we own them. There's a Chevrolet Silverado and a Toyota Tacoma sitting outside our offices right now. So we've got fullsize and midsize trucks for testing. We've also seen our fair share of trucks at the bike parks with dings and dents in the tailgate. And while we can't confirm that each one is from their bike, we do know from experience that it takes the smallest bump to thrust your fork into your tailgate leaving an everlasting impression...and reminder that you should've bought a tailgate pad.

3. Easy Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading your bike should be the easiest act possible. There's no need for complex rack systems or awkward lifting – simply place your bikes on the pad and secure them in seconds. With Send It's High Roller Tailgate Pad, you're able to fit up to 6 bikes on a fullsize truck tailgate, or up to 5 bikes on a midsize truck. This means you can also haul your friends bikes who don't have a truck. (Shame on them.)

4. Cost of Tailgate Pad vs. Rack System

Compared to purchasing and installing a full bike rack system, tailgate pads offer a more cost-effective solution. A tailgate pad provides a secure transport method without the added expenses of racks and additional accessories, which also are often single use, which brings us to our final point...

5. Versatility of a Tailgate Pad

Whether you have a midsize pickup or a full-sized truck, High Roller tailgate pads are designed to fit a wide range of truck models and sizes. They are a versatile solution for transporting bikes, accommodating various frame styles and sizes.

We've seen surfboards, kayaks, mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, canoes, and a whole gaggle of other items. We know that you may want to sell your truck one day, and we want to make sure the tailgate isn't a reason to get less money for it.