The Ultimate Truck Fitment Guide for Send It High Roller Tailgate Pads

close up image of high roller tailgate pad fitted over a fullsize tailgate on a truck

Are you an adventure enthusiast who can't hit the road without your gear in tow? Whether it's carrying your mountain bike, road bike, paddle board, surfboard, or other outdoor equipment, having the right tailgate pad is crucial. In this comprehensive fitment guide, we'll help you find the perfect Send It High Roller Tailgate Pad for your truck (don't worry, there's only two sizes, so it's really about finding your truck), ensuring that your tailgate becomes the ultimate gear-hauling companion.

One of the standout features of this tailgate pad is its compatibility with e-bikes. E-bikes have gained popularity due to their convenience and ability to tackle challenging terrains effortlessly. However, transporting an e-bike safely can be a concern, given their weight and size. With the Send It High Roller Tailgate Pad, you can rest assured that your e-bike will be well-supported and protected during transportation.

Choosing the Right Tailgate Pad

  • Peace of Mind for Your Valuables: Your outdoor equipment, whether it's a high-end mountain bike or a cherished surfboard, represents a significant investment. The Send It High Roller Tailgate Pad understands this, which is why it's designed with security in mind. 
  • E-Bike Friendly: The tailgate pad's versatility extends to e-bike enthusiasts. E-bikes are gaining popularity due to their ability to conquer challenging terrains, but their size and weight can be a concern during transportation. 
  • Ease of Loading and Unloading: Loading and unloading your gear has never been easier. The padded surface of the tailgate pad ensures that your equipment is protected while making it a breeze to secure everything in place. 
  • Durability for All Seasons: Truck owners often find themselves exploring a variety of terrains and facing different weather conditions. This tailgate pad is built to withstand it all. 
  • Adventure-Ready Design: Beyond its functionality, this tailgate pad also adds a touch of rugged style to your truck

Full-Size Tailgate Pad for Full-Size Trucks

For full-size truck owners who require ample space for their gear, the Send It High Roller Full-Size Tailgate Pad is the perfect choice. It provides the necessary space and security for your equipment.

Full-size truck owners know that when it comes to outdoor adventures, having ample space and reliable security for their gear is essential. Whether you're a dedicated mountain biker, a surf enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys all elements of the outdoors, the Send It High Roller Full-Size Tailgate Pad is the ultimate companion for your full-size truck, offering a range of features that cater to your specific needs (note that accordion-style wrap over the tailgate? Yea, we've filed a patent on that.)


  • Silverado/Sierra 2007+
  • Silverado/Sierra Pre 2007 


  • Ram 2500 2019-2023
  • Ram 2500 2009-2018
  • Ram 1500 2019-2023 
  • Ram 1500 2009-2018 


  • F-150 2021-2023  
  • F-150 2015-2022  
  • F-150 2009-2014  
  • F-250 2017-2022  
  • F-250 2011-2016 
  • F-250 2008-2010  
  • Raptor


  • Titan 2003-2023


  • Tundra 2007+ 
  • Tundra Pre 2007 

Midsize Tailgate Pad for Midsize Trucks

For midsize truck owners, the Send It High Roller Midsize Tailgate Pad is designed to fit your needs, providing a secure and snug fit for your gear.

Midsize truck owners understand the value of versatility and maneuverability on and off the road. These trucks are perfect companions for those who crave adventure, whether it's hitting the trails with a mountain bike, exploring remote surf spots, embarking on paddleboarding adventures, or just taking that new e-bike out for a rip. Send It High Roller Midsize Tailgate Pad is your go-to solution for getting out there and sending it.


  • Colorado/Canyon 2015+ 
  • Colorado/Canyon 2003-2014 
  • Colorado/Canyon Pre 2002
  • Avalanche 2001-2013 


  • Ranger 2019-2023
  • Ranger Pre 2019 - Unfortunately, the pad is not compatible with older Ranger models.


  • Tacoma Pre 2005 - Current


  • Frontier 2022-2023


  • RT1


When it comes to transporting your outdoor gear safely and conveniently, the Send It High Roller Tailgate Pad is your ideal companion. Whether you own a full-size or midsize truck, there's a tailored solution for you. Now, you're ready to hit the road with your paddle boards, surfboards, bikes, e-bikes, and more. It's time to gear up, protect your truck, and send it.