Introducing the Send It High Roller Tailgate Pad

front view of send it high roller tailgate pad

Send It is proud to debut the High Roller tailgate pad for bikes. This tailgate pad has been meticulously designed, from the reinforced padding on the interior and exterior, to the sliding rear panel door for latch and rear-facing camera access. Send It has been designing and testing its tailgate pad for a few years and, after extensive use, is proud to deliver the High Roller as the last tailgate pad you'll ever buy.

What is a tailgate pad?

Great question. A tailgate pad is protective barrier between the tailgate on your truck, and whatever piece of sporting equipment you choose to truck around. Send It designed the High Roller primarily with mountain bikes in mind (sorry, but we ride mountain bikes a lot) but have since come to learn that it's also good for surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, skis, snowboards, road bikes, kids bikes, and most recently, e-bikes. 

3 Reasons Why the High Roller Tailgate Pad is the Best

I know what you're thinking: "Obviously you would say that, you're writing this on behalf of Send It and you work for Send It." Yes, that is true. But let me outline a couple reasons the High Roller is the best tailgate pad on the market:

1. Meticulous design went into creating a tailgate pad that is compatible with more trucks than any other tailgate pad on the market. Don't believe us? Have a look at the Send It Tailgate Pad Fitment Guide.

2. The accordion style topwrap means that regardless of the depth of your tailgate pad, we fit it. You know how sometimes you see those trucks with a tailgate pad on it, but it just looks sort like someone wearing thong who most definitely should not be wearing thong? We don't want your truck to look like that. At all. Get a tailgate pad that fits your truck.

3. We use the term "bomb-proof" in casual conversation, but you should know that we haven't actually used military grade bombs to test against this. What we have used is hundreds of mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes and other action sports equipment and we have yet to destroy it. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty so, if you happen to park your truck on an IED, or you just accidentally drop a grenade nearby, we'll replace your tailgate pad if it's damaged in the explosion. (Disclaimer: Please do not park anywhere near an IED, and do your best not to drop a grenade near your tailgate pad because this means it's near your truck and we most definitely do not want you to accidentally blow up your truck. Trucks kick ass.)

closeup view of accordion style topwrap for send it high roller tailgate pad

5 More Facts About the High Roller Tailgate Pad

1. A must-have in mountain bike accessories and your go-to ebike carrier solution! No matter what pickup you have; we get you and we got you! Utilizing our unique accordion-style pad system, our tailgate pads for trucks, equipped with zippered storage pockets for easy access, fit all mid-size truck tailgate pad depths and accommodate all your bike styles

2. This Padded Tailgate Cover ensures that your truck and bike remain protected, preventing any frame contact with the tailgate! This features “no contact padding.” Simply slide the padded window down when you need access to the tailgate latch and slide it back up when your truck is full, and you need space for another bike.

3. Built with the most durable and weather-resistant materials, featuring a quality microfiber inner lining that protects your paint job. Includes 4 strap attachments and 2 metal locking grommets, accommodating most 3/8” cables. Your tailgate pad for bikes can be locked to the truck and bike.

4. The gravity-fed straps enable swift and straightforward installation of your truck tailgate bike pad. With a design focused on user convenience, one person can effortlessly secure the truck bike rack, ensuring a hassle-free setup experience.

5. The High Roller Tailgate Pad features a sliding window that allows quick and easy access. With a reflective Send It logo, our pad includes additional strap locations to function as a surfboard tailgate pad or to secure other cargo like a paddle board or e bike. We attest to the product's performance and condition, ensuring protection against potential defects or issues throughout its entire usable period, providing you with peace of mind and product excellence.

truck with mountain bikes hanging off the send it high roller tailgate pad

Who Needs a Tailgate Pad?

We've had a helluva time explaining tailgate pads to the inundated. It's a simple concept for us, and more often than not we find ourselves saying, "You've seen these everywhere you go, and you'll probably start noticing them more and more now that I've showed you."

And sure enough, we're correct. In bringing tailgate pads to the market, we've effectively started educating more and more people about the added benefits of a tailgate pad on your truck. So, who needs a tailgate pad? Anyone with a truck who totes their sports equipment around. We've seen a few instances of people loading up other stuff; wood loads from Home Depot; a bed frame (that one was random, but we love it); and of course, every type of bicycle imaginable.