Does Your Bike Fit on the High Roller Tailgate Pad?

truck driving down the road with bicycles piled to the top

Short answer: Yes, your bike almost certainly fits on the High Roller Tailgate Pad. Bikes, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. Especially nowadays. And here's the thing, we love all of them. Whether it's a bmx bike, road bike, mountain bike, e-bike or anything on the spectrum in between, we love all bikes. 
And one thing we've found in designing our products is that not all people fit all bikes, and not all bikes fit all racks and trucks. This is why we've put together a fitment guide for bikes (check out The Ultimate Truck Fitment Guide for Tailgate Pads to see if your truck fits. TLDR: It probably does.)
to let you know which bicycles work with the High Roller Tailgate Pad, and which bikes may not fit, either because the downtube is too close to the wheel, or because the geometry.

Check below to see if your bike will fit on our tailgate pads, and if for some reason it's on the naughty list, we'll see if we can personally figure out a way to accommdate it.

(For the record, we've seen some of our customers cut our pads so that it fits both their bike and the tonneau on their truck. And we take those ideas into consideration when we are designing the next round of pads and products so that everyone can use them. But, since we don't have a direct line to truck manufacturers, we're not sure what those guys are cooking up for next year.)

Road, Mountain and Electric Bicycle Brands Compatible with High Roller Tailgate Pad


Bicycle Brands That Do Not Fit the High Roller Tailgate Pad

(Try us. We haven't found one yet.)