6 Things We're Pumped About at Sedona MTB Fest This Year

high roller tailgate pad covered in dirt at an event

This time last year Send It was still testing, designing and fine-tuning its product line. While we did manage to land the High Roller tailgate pad sooner than expected (first products sent in August of 2023) we did manage to make our way to a few events leading up to the launch. Sadly, we missed Sedona MTB fest last year because we were still eating ramen noodles (*still are*) and hoping to be able to bring the best tailgate pad possible to the market. However, this year is different. This year, we get to pack up our truck and hauler and get down to the Arizona desert and scramble around on the trails with some new friends. Here's a list of 6 things we're most excited about seeing, and even a few people we're most excited about meeting in person.

Wheel Fun instagram page

1. Wheel Fun

Wheel Fun is an organization we were introduced to when we initially started investigating Sedona MTB festival. It's goal is simple: get more kids off of electronic devices and outdoors on bikes. Wheel Fun partners with schools to provide bikes and bike programs to predominantly underserved communities. Send It can't possibly put it better. To us, more kids on bikes today means more adults on bikes tomorrow. Or, more little senders today is more big senders tomorrow, and we live for the sends. We've partnered with Wheel Fun to giveaway a High Roller tailgate pad to one lucky recipient, and can't wait to see how this rad organization keeps growing in the future. 

dirt therapy riders

2. The Dirt Therapy Project

We know quite well the benefits of getting on your bike and tearing down some dirt trails. We've been doing this for quite some time. That's why we are so stoked to see the The Dirt Therapy Project in Sedona. This organization has one goal, which is to get the military community on bikes. Period. Everyone experiences trauma in different ways, and yet somehow we can all find some sort of healing thanks to getting outside and blowing off some steam on the pedals. Check out what this rad organization is doing all over the country. and if you are someone or know someone who might benefit, we think you should reach out. If you're having trouble, we're happy to help make introductions in whatever ways we can.

reeb cycles

3. REEB Cycles

Sure, we might be a little biased since REEB Cycles is in our backyard. But we're also a little biased because REEB is beer backwards, and if there's anything we like as much as bikes, it's beer. Jokes aside, the REEB Steezl is your bike's favorite bike. And while that may be a bit of a stretch because I don't know what your bike fantasizes about other than gravity storms. All that is to say that we want to be hanging a Steezl on a High Roller soon, but until then we'll have to check them out in Sedona and hope we can test one out. Oh, and slammin coldies with them.

4. Riding Sedona Trails

The Sedona MTB Fest and Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition sites offer some trails that have us drooling, we've also been scrolling through Trailforks and stumbled across of few that we have our eyes on. Canyon of Fools seems to be one of the most popular and highly suggested, which means it may be a bit populated. Chapel at Broken Arrow has been suggested in more places than one. Really, though, we're just hyped to ride some dirt in another state under a hot sun (fingers crossed the weather holds out for us - have heard some nasty rumours about Sedona weather in March.)

5. Slangin' Pads

It goes without saying that we're attending to show off the High Roller tailgate pad for trucks. That's just what we're all about. But with slangin' pads comes shakin' hands, and if there's one thing we love it's meeting other senders from across the country. Sedona MTB Fest came so highly suggested while we were at other events that we had to attend, and that's because we met kickass people at other events. So, yes, shamelessly, we are attending to sell pads, but more than anything we want to leave with new friends and great memories.

ovrlnd campers

6. New Mountain Bike Gear

The amount of brand attending Sedona MTB Fest is insane, and somehow they are all our favorites. Which ones standout? Obviously REEB (as mentioned above) but we're hyped to chat with the Hills Hurt Couches Kill folks because any social media platform that encourages people to get outside is aces in our book; those guys over Gulo seem like some smooth-talking Gs, so we're stoked to check out their wheelsets; and although we've got a hauler to crash in, the crew at Ovrlnd Campers are doing some kickass things with sleeping outdoors (indoors? whatever); and we've also got our eyes on the bags from Rogue Panda Designs - seriously cool stuff. There's a whole host of other brands we're stoked to see and can't wait to report back on the goods.

All in all, we really just can't wait to escape the cold weather of Boulder, Colorado and get out in the desert with thousands of other riders. We have great trails here, but right now they're covered in snow and we don't want to damage them before the season starts. 


We get you. We got you. Send It.