the high roller tailgate pad designed by Send It 

Here is a question we've been asked time and time again, by our friends, as well as new customers: Why do you make a tailgate pad for trucks? And perhaps take it even one step further; Why did you choose this niche product?

Let's make this very clear and simple: We were tired of replacing our tailgate pad year after year. We wanted to make a product that could withstand what we put it through. We were tired of our favorite companies continuing to put out a sub-par product simply because it is the industry standard. Tailgate pads seem like they haven't been in the innovation hot seat for a few years. Hell, it seems like tailgate pads have never been in the innovation hot seat. Look at what's out there? Glorified canvas towels fraying and falling apart all while attempting to protect your $8,000 bike hanging on your $50,000 truck. 


The High Roller tailgate pad is the best possible gear accessory you can put on your truck. Period. It's rugged. It's durable. It fits nearly every single truck on the market. And we've heard from a quite a lot of reputable sources that it looks badass. What else?

It's tactical. The High Roller has been designed with intense scrutiny down to the last detail. And why? Because we love our trucks and bikes more than just about anything on the planet (girlfriends, wives, husbands and cold beers after rides not included.) 

detailed image of the high roller tailgate pad developed by send it

So here's some history on Send It, and a brief intro to the founder...

Cole Kramer was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado in 1990. He did a whole bunch of badass stuff that we'll exclude from this story,  but then trademarked "Send It" in 2011 and began the arduous process of building a brand.

And one thing remained true through all the years: Cole was tired of buying and re-buying the same products from the same companies only to end up with the same result, which was a trashed product with no warranty. Seriously? How much money and time have gone into the same products over and over again? Sure, you might get to flip a return on some technicality, maybe, but more than likely you're sitting there with a tupperware in your garage full of torn knee pads, gloves, goggles, jerseys, and shorts, all with holes in them and all completely unusable.

Send It is an idea born out of necessity. A brand built around the idea that your gear should be as strong as your drive. An idea that when you reach the edge of the cliff, the only thing that should cross your mind is how far you want to jump off of it. Not if your fully covered. In this sense, we're sort of like insurance for your sends. 

The first product out of the Send It suite of products is the High Roller tailgate pad. Meticulously designed down to the webbing, the High Roller truck tailgate pad is constructed with materials that withstand everything you can throw at it (assuming the primary thing you throw at it is a few mountain bikes, and maybe a couple beer cans after a ride.) The accordion style tailgate top cover means that at no point should your downtube touch the truck, preventing both damage to the downtube of your bike, and also your truck. You won't find this on any other tailgate pad on the market. 

The webbing that runs across the top of the pad has been battle tested. When we say battle tested, what we mean is that we've run the tailgate pad to and from the trail loaded down with multiple bikes for multiple seasons and have yet to run into the same issues we found with other tailgate pads -- complete wear and tear. What we disliked about those other tailgate pads, too, is that the companies didn't offer warranties, so we'd end up purchasing a new one every season, wasting money on yet another cheap excuse for a padded towel that would inevitably just get destroyed. 

That's not what we want from the High Roller tailgate pad. We want customers who reach out to us because we share a mutual affinity and respect for mountain biking, not to buy another tailgate pad from us. Our hope is that you only buy one tailgate pad from us for the rest of your life. And should you need another one, we'll replace it. Lifetime warranty means that for the lifetime of the High Roller, we'll replace it. Dangerous, we know. Risky? Hopefully not as risky as your sends.

You might be asking, "But Send It, what if my truck gets in an accident and the pad gets destroyed?" Well, we had a customer who got into an accident and the only thing that wasn't damaged was the tailgate pad and the bike. So, if that happens, we'll still have your back, but so far even a traffic accident couldn't stop it. Is that a unique situation. Damn right it is. But it just goes to show that we're here for you.

We get you. We got you. That's not a lie. That's a mantra. 

And that's it. Our reasoning for making the best damn tailgate pad on the market. We want you to send it. Always.