Mountain Bike Guided Trips That Are a Must in 2024

mountain bike riders touring through mountains on a singletrack trail

Guided mountain bike trips are a great way to get the crew together, head out into the unknown with a professional, and send it. Throw the tailgate pad on the truck, stack on as many bikes as possible, and hit the road. And the best part about it is you get to (presumably) explore a part of the country or world that you never have with someone who's primary job is to make sure you push yourself. 

At Send It, we're always looking for new partners, partnerships and crews to meet up with. Because of this, we get approached by mountain bike guides, tour companies and individuals who want to promote Send It on the trail and to their respective guests. We love this, and if you're interested in partnering with Send It then just drop us a line. In the meantime, though, scroll through these awesome guided trips and travel adventures all over the world. 

mountain bike riders in colorado

1. Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventures

Colorado-based Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventures hosts roughly 12 guided trips,give or take, each year to some of the best locations in North America for mountain biking. With a majority of them right in our backyard here in Colorado, it made a lot of sense for us to get a partnership. Outside of that, though, we have our eye on the legendary Sea 2 Sky trail in British Columbia. Have a look at the Chasing Epic blog for updated calendar dates, prices (trips typically costs right around $2500) and locations. Bonus: If you don't find a date or location that works with your calendar, they also host private trips for a more intimate guided experience.

mountain bike riders in north carolina

2. Red Wolf Tours

Red Wolf Tours hosts guided trips in Pisgah and Dupont State Forests in and around Brevard and Asheville, North Carolina. One half of the Send It warehouse crew grew up there (spoiler alert: that one half of the crew is me - I grew up in Banner Elk just up the way from Asheville, but enough about me...) and we know how good the riding is, but what we don't know where the good riding is. Take a gander at Red Wolf Tours' Instagram page and it's pretty obvious that these guys  and gals have North Carolina's trail maps on lockdown, and they also provide some pretty rad sleep accommodations, too. 


3. Ride Big Mountain

Ride Big Mountain offers guided mountain biking trips all over the world. Trying to cruise the Alps for 8 days taking in all that beauty of Switzerland? Or maybe take in the Himalayas while touring Nepal on a full suspension? No? Perhaps a squishy cruise through Botswana on an African safari rip is more your flavor. Either way, Ride Big Mountain offers an international trip that will blow your mind. Dig in to its website and you'll tips and tricks for everything from photographing mountain biking to eMTB vs. MTB. Truly an unforgettable experience awaits when you hop on one of these trips. They can get a bit pricey and don't include airfare, but if you're traveling to another country and trying to get some pedaling in, this is a great place to start. 

mountain bikers riding through the desert

4. Rim Tours

Rim Tours has been guiding trips for nearly 30 years, so it's safe to say that they know a thing or two about trails in and around Moab. And let's be clear, there's a lot of trails in and around Moab. It's been host to hundreds, if not thousands of planned trips and adventures for riders of every skill level from all over the world. What we love about Rim Tours is the diversity of its offering: multi-day and singleday trips for nearly every single level of riding makes Rim Tours an easy go-to for first timers to the Moab and surrounding regions. Pricing varies pretty drastically due to the different types of trips, so check out the site and report back. Plus, Rim Tours is nearly national, so you can go even up to Oregon, speaking of...

mountain bikers riding through oregon forests

5. Cog Wild

Cog Wild is a one-stop shop for mountain biking trips and tours in the Oregon forests. Full and half-day guided trips complete with top tier equipment are just some of the offerings from this husband and wife owned business employing rad locals who know these woods better than anyone else. Should you make it up to Bend or Oakridge and are lucky enough to get on with these guys and gals, be sure to score a tasty Deschutes coldie after your trip - some of the best beers we've found up yonder. 

mountain bikers riding through peru

6. Cusco Kinti Biking

We here at Send It stumbled across Kinti Biking when we were digging deep in the content of one of our favorite mountain bikers on Youtube, SingleTrackSampler. Once we started really checking them out it became abundantly clear that Send It needs to get its ass down to Peru as soon as possible and get out on the trails with these guys. Seriously, check our their content here and realize for yourself what you're missing out on by not saving up money and taking the trip. 

Have you gone on any of these? Or what are we leaving out? Send a message and we'll be sure to add it to the list ASAP.

(Disclaimer: These guided trips are merely suggestions. Send It may have partnered with a few of these trips by providing tailgate pads, but Send It may have not experienced a guided trip from all of the suggestions below.)